Patio Decks and Patio Enclosures

We Are a Deck Builder You Can Trust


Enjoy more outside fun and relaxation on your deck after experiencing prominent deck services from our experts from RVA Remodeling. From pool decks to yard decks or patio decks, we custom build (also repair) all types of decks so you can experience the outdoors as you so desire. We have the carpentry skills needed to work on decks of all types.


For many years, lots of decks and porches have been built with pressure treated or cedar wood as it’s surface (better known as decking). Nowadays there are more options, and deck owners are leaning more toward low-maintenance alternatives for decking and railings; such as composite, vinyl, pvc and other synthetic materials.

When investing in a deck or a porch, it’s imperative that the framing is built out of pressure-treated wood. Doing so ensures a solid built structure while at the same time comply with today’s building codes.


Many contractors the past have spaced deck joists improperly, which can result in sagging of the deck surface over time and also have weak points. This is extremely important to correct, especially if you plan on having heavy loads, such as a hot tub or parties, etc. on your deck.

It is as equally important to have proper concrete footings at the proper depth, proper railing heights, baluster spacing, and stair tread and risers. Our crew works efficiently to give you a structurally sound deck you can enjoy for many years to come with a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty!